Bill Keiser
3/10/2000 Update -
Preliminary test firings have determined functionality of device. Original beam(as shown in photos) has been replaced with new lightweight one with an experimental attachment to offset the weight horizontally from the fulcrum. This should speed up the initial acceleration after the trigger is released. (Many of these modification ideas have come to me during my long commute. One glance at a grassy slope on the side of the interstate one day started the train of thought that resulted in a short story, story)
Trebuchet is about 30 inches high. Weight is 36 lbs, capable of flinging an 8 ounce missile somewhat under 600 feet - okay, it hasn't gone more than fifty feet. (Note 8 ounce cement missile on frame)
trebuchet trigger detail
Pin holds loop attached to end of throwing arm. Pulling on rope, through pulley, retracts pin against bungee cord, releasing arm.
Cheech Wizard
Power by Cheech Wizard. 25 lb lead sculpture(lost wax process) of Cheech Wizard, underground cartoon character from the 70s by Vaughn Bode, Long gone, but not forgotten(cause of death, asphyxiation by A. A., so sad.) Other weight is 12 lbs of diving weights in belt(Yeah it's pink, it matches my roller skate wheels!).