"Is This Heaven, or What?"

    As the blood vessel in Dr. Evman's head burst, a blinding white pain transformed into a white tunnel of light. At the end of it, an older gentleman that reminded him of his Uncle greeted him with a smile and open arms. "I am here to guide you to your final reward.
Evman saw before him a place with blue skies, perfect green trees blowing in the wind and short green grass thicker than any terrestrial golf course ever boasted.
     "All of this beauty is untainted by any biting, stinging insects to spoil your pleasure . . ."
     "but  .  .  ."
     "  .  .  .  that you can have with the creatures that inhabit this paradise."
     Evman now noticed that under the trees, reclining seductively on the grassy slopes, were many voluptuous women, all looking at him wistfully.
     "but  .  .  ."
     "But what, Dr. Evman? Is something the matter?"
     AAAAAAAUGH!!!! But I'm an entomologist!!!
     And I'm gay!!!
     "What kind of heaven is this?
     His guide's friendly smile widened, showing his white teeth as he replied, "Why, Dr. Evman, who said anything about Heaven?"

copyright 2000
Bill Keiser
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