Why "Sharpstick.org" you may ask?

All the good names were already taken. Do you know how hard it is to find a good domain name? Sharpstick.COM was already taken, hence the org. There are no real rules against using org, so it's okay. Org is for non profit organizations, and I think I certainly qualify!

I used sharpstick because it describes my philosophy for fixing computers, and everything else for that matter. When asked how I fixed some computer problem, I answer, "Oh, I just poked it with a sharp stick til it worked!" Anybody that works on computers, or many other mechanical or electrical systems will generally nod and say, yep, that's pretty much how I fix em, too. (Of course we never admit this to the clients. They get the full "I recalibrated the gonkulator and polarized the Jeffrey's tube.")

It's short, easy to remember. The TOP FIVE advantages to having your own domain are many:
5. You don't have to notify everyone in your address book if you leave your old ISP (which I just did) or move your web page.
4. You can have an easier to remember email name than jsmith367859348@aol.com
3. Same for web page. Some providers have very difficult naming systems.
2. I can save one email name for friends and give another to give out publicly. When it gets on spam lists, I can get rid of it and make a new one. Most ISPs only give you one or two email addresses that are difficult to change.

And the NUMBER ONE advantage to having your own domain:

1. Chicks are really impressed if you have your own domain! (aren't they?)

(created 5/25/2001)