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  • The answer to the question: "Do I search the galaxy for alien intelligence - or skate?" ISC
  • Automotive gadgets ProMotorCar
  • Late night weird talk radio Art Bell
  • Virtual Space Travel Solar System Simulator
  • See the talking Gorilla! Koko
  • Bart Simpson's chalkboard musings Bart!!!
  • Best little radio station on planet Urth WMNF
  • Multi-language online transations Babel Fish
  • Duh, what time is it? The Atomic Clock
  • What's that in the sky? A bird, a plane . . . It's not Superman
  • A good place to start: Infobahn On-ramp
  • Big Systems: BS
  • Some digital photography resources:
  • Comparometer that views pics from
    different cameras side by side. imaging-resource.com
  • lonestardigital.com lonestardigital.com
  • digicamera.com digicamera.com
  • photo.askey.net/ http://photo.askey.net/
  • snyflcaa.fingerlakes.edu/~ADAMSJA/digcam.html digcam
  • Curtin's Shortcourses Curtin's Shortcourses
  • Batteries & Chargers: Thomas Distributing
  • Digital Photography Review: DPR

  • Techniques for using digital
    cameras for scanning
    negs/slides and sample scans
  • home.hiwaay.net/~drcannon/cp950/copysetup.htm copysetup
  • photo.askey.net/news/article.asp?date=060599&article=001negative.htm negative
  • Happenstanceproducts Happenstanceproducts
  • steves-digicams.com http://www.steves-digicams.com/nikon950_samples.html

  • shopping.com, buy.com, hardwarestreet.com, shopnow.com, onsale.com, alix.com,
    dcresource.com have some of the lowest prices I found for cameras and stuff.
    Compact flash cards start out high, get cheaper as size goes up, then get
    expensive again in larger sizes. The sweet spot is 48 megs for $97, right at $2/meg. (as of 12/1999)

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