Headache Remedy
December 29, 2001
The Last Whole Earth Catalog 1971, page 412

Magically Aborting Unwelcome Trips
About acid bummers, etc.

Assume that human beings are energy devices. Assume that your right hand is a positive pole, your left a negative (vice versa if you're left-handed) Assume that headaches, bummers, & the like are symptoms of minor disturbances of the energy flow (These assumptions are not necessarily true. Just a useful metaphor, a convenient way to think, that works.)

To cure a headache, place your positive hand at the base of the sufferer's skull and your negative hand on his forehead. Imagine there is an current flowing through his head from your positive hand to your negative hand, and that this curent causes the flow in the sufferer's head to straighten out and flow right, thus terminating his headache. This takes from 5 to 30 seconds.

This works, whether the operator believes it or not, and regardless of what the sufferer believes. (Beautiful cries of "My God! It's GONE!" are commonplace.) The only requirement is the act of imagination. If you imagine it'll work, it works.

I've used the same process on about 50 acid bummers so far, with 100% success. Variations can be invented freely to suit various circumstances.

This is traditionally called "magnetic healing" I prefer to call it a related phenomena, "Energy Transactions". Very useful in Magick & other western yogas. Invent your own techniques. Please tell me what happens.

Relief is probably symptomatic, but it saves on aspirin and similar crap.

Chester Anderson
Los Angeles, CA

My own experiences with this since 1971 verify everything he says. It seems to be less effective on hangovers and concussion type headaches(from a bump on the head). It doesn't matter whether either the sufferer or the operator believes. It works anyway. I always shoot for about five minutes. It works on anxiety, worry, stress, hysteria and any other negative emotion. When done on a perfectly normal happy person, it brings on a feeling of calm peace and joy.

I gladly share this with anyone who wishes to use it and thank Chester, whereever he is now for his gift.

I intend to print this out and hand it out at Burning Man for all the people i will love there.

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