If you don't have Yahoo ID linked to email address, you can send and receive
list messages, but can't access web page to see our pretty pictures.
Whenever a member is subscribed by email, their address is subscribed, but is
not linked to their yahoo ID. It needs to be linked for the member to be able
to visit the group's web page. The link below is their new streamlined
"Membership Wizard" for doing this. The new one seems to work much better than
the old conversion wizard. Once you use it, it is supposed to link you
automatically in the future when subbing to new lists.
If anyone needs help with this, let me know. I've done it several times.

To link Yahoo ID to address MemWiz
help page: MemWiz help

If you don't currently have a yahoo ID
to create Yahoo membership:
- go to Yahoo new member

- or go to Yahoo
- click on "My Yahoo"
- click on "Need help signing in"
- click on "Are you a new user"
- fill out signup form, submit
- check email for confirmation